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A couple of weeks ago I put together a primer on the history of the World Cup, with rules and some basic knowledge for managing the world of soccer that was about to take over our summer. I promised a part 2 and 3 to go over story lines and teams to watch. Well, life happened, I got busy and just plain sucked. So instead I’m gonna change the plan up. This is the second part of the three part series. I’ll talk about some story lines from before the tournament and some that have developed as we’re about halfway through the group stage.

Pre-World Cup Storylinesarticle-2599542-1CEA5C2A00000578-32_634x391

Everyone knows of Brazil as a dominant soccer team and a culture that revolves around the sport. But Brazil is also an incredibly diverse country. While the country as a whole is considered in the middle class income range…

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