First LeBron, Now Dwyane Wade? Wade Fined for Flopping!

Seriously, flopping has become a wide-spread epidemic among NBA players. From its creator LeBron James to even the mere irreproachable player like Dwyane Wade, flopping remains a commonplace in the league. Since the establishment of the anti-flopping rule the league has collected about $4 million in fines against players. Now, speaking on faking fouls or flopping, here we have Dwyane Wade who was standing still with the ball in the second quarter of Game 2 when Manu Ginobili tried to steal. Though Ginobili have swatted at the ball, but he DEFINITELY didn’t hit Wade, who jerked his head back and held his face while feigning pain. Nonetheless, the flop caused Wade a $5,000 fine from the NBA and helped the Miami Heat win Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs.

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