Rise of An Empire: Liverpool Defeated Manchester United


The once dominant team in the Premier League, Manchester United, fall to Liverpool’s 3-0 victory at Old Trafford this past Sunday. Liverpool midfielder and captain, Steven Gerrard, scored two penalties and a goal from Luis Suarez gave Liverpool a 3-0 win over Manchester United. Clearly, Liverpool’s superb quickness and good planning to attack the football capitalized on Manchester United’s lackluster offence. Liverpool simply had the better defense, the sharper midfield, and most striking forward line. Liverpool were awarded their third penalty of the afternoon due to United’s Nemanja Vidic questionable tripping of Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge with 12 minutes to go. Vidic received his second yellow card for the afternoon and was escorted off the field. Fortunately for United, Gerrard’s missed penalty shot due to Vidic penalty on Sturridge could have gave Liverpool a 4-0 win. Nonetheless, Manchester United’s forward Wayne Rooney watched in disbelief as the small glimmer of hope slipped away after Suarez scored the third goal. An impressive victory is no surprise for Liverpool and their fans. In November 1936, Liverpool beat Manchester United 5-2 at Old Trafford with another exceptional 4-1 win in 2009. The once considered league champs, Manchester United, who have won a record of 20 English league titles with just two more than rival Liverpool, who were last crowned champions back in 1990. This victory for Liverpool proves they have what it takes to be title contenders. However, Liverpool must first defeat the league’s number 1 Chelsea-a victory against them could be a start of a new dynasty, an empire that seeks to dominate the Premier League.

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