Seriously, Tracy McGrady! Baseball?

Seriously, Tracy McGrady! Baseball?

Now we all heard of former athletes from Deion Sanders, Jim Thorpe, Bo Jackson and even Michael Jordan who has attempted and pursued other sports careers. But no other athlete played both sports successfully than Bo Jackson. Yes, Bo Jackson is one of the greatest all-around athletes ever, period. And now the former seven-time NBA all-star, Tracy McGrady is next in line to pursue a different career, baseball.

The former all-star confirmed on Tuesday, Feburary 4th, that he will pursue a pitching career by joining the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters. Since the story originally leaked out by McGrady’s former coach with the Houston Rockets, Jeff Van Gundy, McGrady has been practicing with the Sugar Land Skeeters and doing pretty well according to the Sugar Land Skeeters. In a statement by Sugar Land Skeeters, “Tracy McGrady is one of the most elite athletes of this era and we appreciate his interest in pursuing a life-long dream with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the Atlantic League. While the Atlantic League is considered the highest level of baseball outside of Major League Baseball, McGrady has demonstrated skill, determination and diligence during his training program at Constellation Field. We look forward to monitoring his progress.”

Undoubtedly, McGrady, 34, has the right attributes to be a top pitcher standing at 6-foot-8 and hitting well above 90 mph during recent practices. However, it won’t be long when McGrady faces a real hitter on the mound.

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