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Sports and Homosexuality: Could They Survive Without Each Other?

This past year, 12-year NBA veteran Jason Collins revealed his sexual orientation becoming the first openly gay male athlete playing in professional sport. Recently, extraordinary news came out of Missouri that University of Missouri’s first-team All-America selection and SEC Defensive Player of the … Continue reading

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Seriously, Tracy McGrady! Baseball?

Now we all heard of former athletes from Deion Sanders, Jim Thorpe, Bo Jackson and even Michael Jordan who has attempted and pursued other sports careers. But no other athlete played both sports successfully than Bo Jackson. Yes, Bo Jackson … Continue reading

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Which Super Bowl Commercial was your Favorite? And Win Big! Every sports fan would agree that the Super Bowl is known for its amazing commercials. This past Super Bowl XLVIII had quite a few commercials that were funny, heartfelt and down-right … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

Originally posted on Olivia A. Cole:
Today I’m wondering what it takes for a black man to be regarded as human in America. Today Richard Sherman is being lambasted for his animated post-game interview in which he dared to express…

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Richard Sherman: “To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse…”

Nice blog post!

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The Perfect Shot: You Lose Some, You Win Some

Originally posted on Shutterspeed:
Our business, by all measures, is about the infinite quest to capture the perfect shot – the ever elusive, often unattainable, highly subjective “perfect shot.” This is quite possibly one of the greatest misnomers of our…

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Seahawks Fans: Photographs of The 12th Man

Originally posted on Stanton Prescott:
After two weeks straight of no precipitation, the rain I was promised I would find in Seattle has finally arrived.  That didn’t stop The 12th Man, the fan base of the Seattle Seahawks, from showing…

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